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A place to discover and live out your purpose

We’re all just so… “busy”

These days, when you ask people how they’re doing, they’ll either say, “Fine,” or they’ll list all the stuff happening in their family’s life: school, work, kids, aging parents, yard work, commitments, errands, and on and on and on.

We’re all just so busy.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You want to know why you’re here, and you want to start going after that. Instead, you move through your days feeling uncertain. Overwhelmed. Stressed out.

Is this really all there is to life? (Spoiler alert: Nope. Absolutely not.)

You can shift from “busy” to “fulfilled”

Plan to Attend the Grand Opening

Your first step to figuring out your purpose is to say, “Sure! We’ll come to the Grand Opening.

Attend the Service

Next? Show up. We’ll have some time of worship and a timely message about what God wants to do in Houston in and through Gateway Church.

Live Out Your Purpose

Let go of busyness, find your purpose, and be part of a community that’ll help you fulfill it.

Get more from life

We know you want to be confident in your purpose—to know why on earth you’re here and to feel like you can deal with the stuff life tosses your way. You long to be a human being instead of a human doing, but that’s just not the way our culture’s set up. We’re constantly on the go, aren’t we? 

How are we supposed to level-up when we’re having trouble just keeping up?

At Gateway, our team has helped thousands of people discover who God created them to be. When they’re equipped to live out their purpose, instead of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain, they feel seen. Known. Loved. Inspired. Needed.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We’d love to help you, too.

Sunday Service Details


Travis High School: 11111 Harlem Rd.
Richmond TX 77406



Every Sunday at 10am



Bring your whole family. Bring your friends. Come! 

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